What type of photos do you take?

Great photos! Photos that show you at your best, relaxed and enjoying being you!

I’m happy to take clothed photographs or tasteful lingerie, boudoir, nude (genitalia hidden) or fetish photographs.

Please note that I do not take photographs of sexual activities (solo or otherwise).

What is a typical photoshoot like?

If there is no pressure of time, it will start with a chat over tea/coffee or maybe a glass of wine. It gives me the chance to get to know you and a feel for what type of photos you would like. This will help me capture pictures that reflect and release the real you. It will also help you relax; the more you will enjoy it, the better the photoshoot and the resulting pictures will be. (Note: this time is not included in the photography session time.) It’s also my aim that you enjoy the whole experience, and this is an integral part of the experience.

I’ll then take some initial pictures; at this stage, my aim is for you to start feeling comfortable in front of the camera (instead of getting the best photos straight off). We’ll review the photographs as we go along (on my laptop if possible so you can see larger images): this will enable us to check and change things to ensure we get the photos you want.

Do you photoshop?

Yes. Although my aim is to get it right when taking the photo! I’m happy to use photography software to crop, correct exposure and lighting issues, and remove unwanted background objects. I’m also glad to touch up makeup and clothing mistakes. Basic editing of supplied pictures is included in the price. As a rule, I want the pictures to reflect the real you (albeit that they are good photos showing you off!). Therefore, I don’t use software to make you look decades younger or several sizes smaller. My hope is that if people see your pictures and then meet you, they recognise you immediately. If you require detailed editing of photos, please contact me to discuss your requirements: as a guide, detailed photoshopping at £20 per hour (a typical facial shot take approximately 40-50 minutes to edit). It is also possible to use software to transpose your image on to photographs of adverting boards, magazine covers, shop signs other displays.


I would encourage female clients to take their time getting makeup right! You are after all paying for my services, and I want you to look your best! I suggest slightly heavier makeup than you would normally wear (if we are shooting using my studio lights).

I do not provide makeovers, but have contacts who would be willing to assist (subject to payment).

Can I bring someone else?

Yes - please do. I’ll put them to good use holding equipment and making tea (if they’re happy to)! They are also welcome to join you in the photos (but this may mean you will have less individual images).

I ask that you let me know in advance that you are bringing someone (who is not taking part in the photoshoot).

Please note that I am unable to accommodate children who are not being photographed.

What equipment do you have?

I have a professional Nikon DSLR (D800), several lenses (including prime lenses for portrait photography), background screens (and frame), studio lighting and reflectors.

I also have some props that visually enhance photographs (for example silk flowers to hold, and rose petals for boudoir shots). Clients are also welcome to be photographed in my red Morgan open top sports car.

Photoshoots at Richard’s house

I am pleased to conduct photo shoots at my house located in rural Kent near Wrotham village (close to M20/M26 junction). I am also happy to collect and drop off clients at the nearest railway station (Borough Green & Wrotham) if they are travelling by public transport (there is no charge for this service).

I have a huge kitchen/diner with plenty of natural light that makes a beautiful studio. It is also possible to take photos in a bedroom, the lounge, or outdoors. I am also happy to include photographers with my Morgan sports car. I also have a generous garden and a large orchard. (Outdoor photos are subject to the weather and time of day.)

If you wish you can change (either before and/or after) in a guest bedroom and use the attached ensuite - there is a £15 charge to cover costs of cleaning and preparing the room (within reason you are welcome to take as long as you need to change).

Photo shoots at other locations

I am happy to shoot at your house, in hotel rooms and out and about in public (museums, historic houses, woodland walks etc.). The latter is subject to any permissions needed from the property owner. Any photographs in public places must be suitable photographs for the location of the shoot.

How much do you charge?

Please view the prices page.


You are free to use the photographs as you like for non-commercial purposes. If you wish to use your pictures for commercial reasons, please contact me to discuss further.

More detailed information is on the
policies page.


I have public liability insurance with Aaduki Multimedia Insurance.

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