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Richard's Photography®

Portrait Photography

Richard offers a unique, professional, portrait photography service; his relaxed manner and approach make the whole photography experience a memorable and enjoyable occasion.

Professional Photography

Stunning Images

Richard aims to capture the real you, bringing out your character and emotions. He has professional photographic equipment and excellent working knowledge of different poses, lighting and styles that enable him to produce stunning photos.

Personal touch

Personal Apporach

Richard takes time to get to know people, what their interests are, what motivates them, and what they enjoy doing. This approach is an essential part of his photography: it helps ensure the model relaxes and enjoys the photoshoot and results in photos that fully capture a person's character.

Photography Your Way

Your Choice!

Pick studio or your place, outside or inside, glamour or casual, colour or black and white: you choose!

Inside Look

Find out more about Richard’s Photography®.


Take a look at some of Richard's recent work: view a selection of images of different subjects in various poses and locations.


Find out about our packages: standard packages (Bronze, Silver & Gold), pay-as-you-go package (Copper) and a bespoke package (Diamond).


Find answers to common questions such as how to book a photoshoot, processing of images, photography terms, pricing and more.


Get some photography tips, find out about special offers, learn about our events and more.

What people are saying:

Gorgeous photos.

Exceptional service.

Portrait photography specialist:

  • Individuals, couples, groups
  • Families
  • Boudoir
  • Costume

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