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Terms and Conditions

This section covers deposits, rearranging a photoshoot, cancellations, disputes and lost images.

Terms & Conditions


Clients should make a deposit to confirm a booking as set out in our pricing structure. A booking is not confirmed until the deposit is received.

Clients are also expected to pay for any non-refundable charges relating to the photoshoot that are payable in advance, for example, entrance fees and hire of a location or equipment.


Unless agreed in writing, payment is required before or when a photoshoot takes place, or additional work (for example, editing) is undertaken.

If payment is deferred, clients do not have permission to use any images supplied before making full payment.

Clients should also pay charges payable to third parties in relation to the shoot, for example, entrance fees and hire of a location or equipment, and to cover travel costs.

Changing a Photoshoot

If the client wishes to change the venue or type of photoshoot, we will endeavour to so.

If payment is due to a third party (for example to hire equipment or a venue), any costs incurred by the changes are the responsibility of the client.

Postponement or Cancellation by Richard's Photography®

If we are unable to keep a photographic appointment, we will endeavour to contact the client at the earliest opportunity to arrange an alternative date. If this is not possible, we shall cancel the appointment.

If we cancel a photoshoot, we will return all monies paid to Richard's Photography® in connection with the shoot. However, we are not liable to pay for other costs payable to third parties.

Postponement or Cancellation by Client

If the client is unable to make a photoshoot, we will endeavour to rearrange the appointment to a more suitable date. When a photoshoot is postponed at a client's request, the client is liable to any charges liable to third parties (for example hire of venues or studio equipment).

If we are unable to rearrange a photoshoot to a new date, or the client wishes to cancel the following charges will apply:

  • More than seven days notice (excluding the day of the planned photoshoot): refund of deposit;
  • Less than 24 hours notice: full payment required (excluding any [non-pre-paid] travel costs or editing costs);
  • Between 24 hours and seven days notice (excluding the day of the planned photoshoot): loss of deposit.
  • Where payment is due to a third party (for example to hire equipment or a venue, or prepaid travel costs), any costs incurred remain the responsibility of the client.

    Lost Images

    Richard's Photography® makes every effort to minimise the risk of photographic data being lost or destroyed; this includes recording images on two data cards where possible and backing up data on our computer. However, should the digital negative files be lost, damaged or destroyed for reasons beyond our control, our liability shall be limited to a full refund of any deposits and fees paid, but shall not include a refund for any goods already received.

    With the agreement of the client, arrangements may be made to take further photographs at our expense to replace the lost images.


    To avoid disputes, the client should discuss their requirements before payment or the photoshoot (as appropriate). Richard's Photography® aims to provide a high level of service proportionate to photography charges. If you are not satisfied with the images produced, Richard's Photography would like the opportunity to review the photos and consider further editing or additional photography.

    Richard's Photography® offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, after discussion and the opportunity to correct issues raised, the client continues to be unsatisfied, we will refund all monies paid by the client to Richard's Photography® subject to the following restrictions:

  • Richard's Photography® is not liable for any transport costs, hire of outfits or locations by or on behalf of the client.
  • The client must return printed images and delete all digital images from the photoshoot.
  • Richard's Photography® reserves the right to charge for any images retained or used by the client before or after any refund.
  • Last Updated: 3rd March 2023

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