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This blog aims to enable trans-women and crossdressers to get striking and glamorous photos that they will love! As a transgender photographer with over five years of experience photographing trans clients, I share my knowledge, insights and top tips I've picked up from working with transwomen and crossdressers at photoshoots and events. I cover what to wear, makeup, posing and possible locations, all of which will help you get noticed and turn heads.

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For me, being a trans ally is actively supporting the transgender community in the public arena and not being ashamed to do so in any context.

How to be a Trans Ally

If you read articles on how to be a trans ally, you will find lots of advice on using the correct pronouns, not dead-naming, ...

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'Do I pass?'

As a friend of several transwomen, I am often asked this question by ladies before they venture out in public. Throughout the years I have been fortunate enough to have trans-friends, I have learnt some very basic lessons as to what works and also what lets people down. I also advise and correct ladies ...

Transwoman looking into mirror during photoshoot
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7 Tips

1. Not Shaving

Seriously! It sounds obvious! But it is surprising how many trans-clients don't have a close shave before attending a photoshoot. Remember, a high-end camera will pick out your beard shadow when you are in front of bright lights and having your photograph taken.

Unless you have completed a course of treatment to remove ...

Classic Car Photoshoot Image
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It's always a risk planning an outdoor photoshoot in November! More so when it involved an open-top classic car! Fortunately, the weather gods deemed to smile on us and presented almost the perfect weather conditions: relatively warm and dry, and cloudy giving a wonderful soft light, ideal for photos.

The photoshoot presented many challenges. ...

Picture of Bell (DOG)
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Better Photos

Part 3 - Composition: or where to chop!

As we continue our series on the basics of getting better photos with a standard camera or smartphone, we turn our attention from how to set and hold the camera to composing the shot. We’ll be considering where to position the subject either in the camera frame or in the picture if we are editing the ...

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Better Photos!

Part 2 - Some Essentials

Sadly, the prevalence of the Covid-19 bug and the restrictions (at least for those of us in the United Kingdom) put pay to usual festive ...