Getting Involved in Transgender Scene
Richard in Steampunk Outfit and Maids at Transliving Weekend Eastbourne Julia at Grand Hotel Brighton

MY INITIAL contacts with the transgender world came while I was recovering from injury: I was sent to Kent Police HQ to research new legislation and develop a training package; part of the new law related to dealing with transgender suspects and prisoners (at the time I was a custody sergeant). This interest was rekindled over the last 36 months. I am a regular attendee at transgender events and meet transgender ladies (and others involved in the transgender) scene socially on other occasions, including tea/coffee, pubs, meals out, visits to museums, historic houses and castles, and even shopping!

I'm pleased to say that I have developed many friendships with transgender ladies and others involved in the transgender scene. Transgender ladies love their pictures being taken! I'm delighted that many of my photographs have appeared as various profile pictures on transgender websites and have been published in Transliving Magazine.

I am also involved in the leadership of Surrey Transgender Support Group.

Above: With 'maids' at Eastbourne (October 2019)
Inset: Julia at Grand Hotel, Brighton (Christmas 2018)

Surrey Transgender Support Group flyer
Transgender Services
Group image from Surrey Transgender Support

IN ADDITION to photography, I am pleased to assist transgender persons with the following:

  • A place to dress or hang out
  • Clothes storage
  • Taking in parcels and deliveries
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Escorting ladies to events (trans-events or non-scene events)
I am also thrilled to help transgender persons to do everyday things, such as:
  • Coffee/tea shops (including afternoon teas)
  • Pub meals (lunch and dinner)
  • Restaurants
  • Visits to museums and art galleries
  • Visits to National Trust/English Heritage (or similar) properties
  • 'Romantic' walks
  • Shopping trips
  • Trips out in my Morgan

Above: Group photo from Surrey Transgender Support (October 2019); Below: 'Maid' at Eastbourne (October 2019)

Maid stockings

I am overwhelmed by Richard’s expertise, creative eye, patience, and sense of fun. All of which made my photo shoot enjoyable as well as resulting in a fantastic set of professional photographs. I highly recommend him!

Kirsty L [transgender female] (Southend, Essex)

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