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Silver Package Badge




20 photos are included. The charge for additional photos is £5 each.

The photoshoot may take place at our studio, outside in the vicinity of our studio or a location of your choosing.1

Photography Assistant
This package has the (no-cost) option of a photography assistant.2


Complimentary soft drinks included when the shoot takes place at our studio (or in the immediate vicinity).

Digital Processing
This package includes digital processing to enhance and crop photos.3

Image Supply

Images are supplied in JPEG format. Normally these would be supplied by digital transfer after digital processing is complete. There is an option of having the images supplied on a memory stick if you would prefer.

Commercial Use
Photos cannot be used for commercial purposes.4

Optional Extras5
  • Printed photos
  • Framed photos
  • Wall art
  • Photobook

(1) Permission may be required to shoot on private premises; charges may also apply for shoots on privately owned property.

(2) A photography assistant helps the photographer in setting up and holding equipment during the shoot. They can also assist with costume changes if required.

(3) Detailed editing available at extra charge.

(4) Commercial use includes (but is not limited to) use of photos in connection with paid employment, selling photos (including as part of a written or other work for which payment is made) and using the images to promote a brand of product. (For more information see our Copyright Policy.)

(5) Charges apply.