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Our New Website
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It's not even a year since the last major update of our website. So why have we decided on this major digital makeover? This strange year has played a large part:

  1. I spent the first lockdown studying and practising, improving my photography skills (and adding some new ones); I don't think my older photos are bad (far from it), but my latest photos are a big jump forward.
  2. My website skills have vastly improved: over lockdown, I've built some websites for friends and associates: in the process, I've got better, and I wanted to bring some of these skills to my website.
  3. I'm a bit of a perfectionist: I like things to be the best they can. Now I can do things better, it bugged me that I could improve my website.
  4. I thought it better to build my new website while I couldn't get out and do photoshoots during the second lockdown.
  5. We've also been redesigning how we offer photoshoots. We now have five packages: Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond.
The new website incorporates these changes. This website is a ground-up redesign. It's the most advanced website I've produced. It has several new features that were not part of the old design, including:

  • It has dark and light modes (for those using compatible devices).
  • It has a new blog.
  • It has a client area (including the ability to download photos direct from a password-protected area of the website unique to each client).

There are other less-noticeable changes to ensure that everything runs smoothly across different devices, operating systems and browsers.

I do hope you enjoy our new site. Let me know what you think.

Monday November 30th, 2020
Friday November 20th, 2020
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