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Welcome to Our New Blog

What a year it's been! For most people, the coronavirus pandemic has thrown up repeated and difficult challenges. Here at Richard's Photography things have been little different. It's proved virtually impossible to do photoshoots: after all who wants lots of photos wearing a facemask? So instead of picking up the camera, we've been busy working behind the scenes. One big task we've just completed is an overhaul of our website. One of the many new features is our blog and news section. This page will be the perfect place to pick up photography tips, find out about special offers, see some photoshoots in action and be kept up-to-date with our events - when we are allowed to resume them, of course! We hope you enjoy our blog. If you have any suggestions or want to contribute, please do drop us a line!

Sunday November 29th, 2020
Inside Look

Find out more about Richard’s Photography.


Take a look at some of Richard's recent work: view a selection of images of different subjects in various poses and locations.


Find out about our packages: standard packages (Bronze, Silver & Gold), pay-as-you-go package (Copper) and a bespoke package (Diamond).


Find answers to common questions such as how to book a photoshoot, processing of images, photography terms, pricing and more.


Get some photography tips, find out about special offers, learn about our events and more.

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